Custom Sediment Tank Filtration System

A fish hatchery contracted our design department to fabricate a custom designed sediment tank. It will be used to separate debris such as leaves and other organic surface materials from a stream so that the resulting clean water can be used in their hatchery.

This specific customers design, has a Coanda filter installed so the unit was built around the filter dimensions to make it work in their application.

The interior was painted in a lighter colour so they can see the materials inside, also equipped with a removeable weir with lift handles to aid in maintenance and cleaning of the unit. Engineered lifting lugs for installation and removal when required. The sediment tank filter a two large flanges installed along with two smaller take off points as per the customers request to attach it to their system seamlessly.  

The client worked with our design team to come up with this solution which included 3D modelling and several drawing revisions to bring the design to fruition.

To learn more about custom sediment control tanks or sediment filters for tanks, please contact our sales department.