Gravel Box Hauler

Want to turn you hooklift/cable pull truck into a Gravel Hauler? SCS Manufacturing builds a variety of roll off containers including Premium Mini Tubs, Stud Walls, Flat Decks, Rock Boxes and Gravel Boxes. However not every roll off container is designed to handle the weight and wear characteristics when large or multiple loads of gravel need to be moved. Moving these materials with a regular roll off container can wear or damage a standard roll off container meaning either additional repair dollars or a much shorter life for your roll off fleet.

Our Gravel Boxes have many of the same features as a standard dump truck with spreader chains, gravel chutes, air actuated tailgate release, side boards and high lift gate options available. Custom colours of both the body and side boards can be tailored to match your companies colours or branding.

This unit is headed to the BC Interior to expand the capabilities of a customer and add gravel hauling to their repertoire.

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