Heavy Duty Rock Box

Westcoast Cutting and Coring handles and transports sawn and broken concrete on a regular basis. Over time, they found the standard containers they had previously purchased from a competitor, were not up to the task. They had several issues with the floor becoming misshaped and the rear door bending, therefore they didn’t get a true seal or containment of the items they were hauling. In consultation with both our Sales and Design teams, SCS Manufacturing provided a structurally improved Rock Box to combat the issues they were seeing. Additional reinforcing along with material upgrades we used to strengthen the units for their particular use and provide a longer life.

At SCS Manufacturing we don’t want to simply build you a Roll Off container. We to build the right container for your application. By utilizing the more than 30 years of industry experience we can build the right container for your needs.

Do you have a unique situation or problem with your Roll Off containers. Contact our Sales department toll free at 1-877-727-7833 or email sales@scsinc.ca to see how we can help you build the right container for the job.