Municipal Landfill 30 Yard Container

The customer required a 30 yard container for use in a municipal landfill. The container is to be used for glass, with easy access for customers to place their glass products on site. Keeping rainwater out and having an easy to operate system for opening and closing the unit was essential. With the added benefit of sealing the container overnight, once the facility closes.

Building this 30 yard container with a peaked roof to shed rain water and adding our single lever operated hatch closure system, allows staff to close the bin simply by pulling one lever for each side of the bin. The 24’ x  9” hatches are large enough for almost all consumer glass products. Having 4 hatches per side allows multiple users the ability to drop their glass for recycling at the same time. The container was set up with a dual purpose set up for transport that works either with a hooklift or cable pull system, providing the transporter with maximum flexibility for trucking. Additionally, we can add dividers to segregate waste streams during deposit into the container, allowing you to dump different sections of the bin in different areas to prevent comingling of recycling waste streams.

Do you have an unique requirement for a roll off container or would like to segregate streams at source for easier handling and disposal? Contact our Sales team Toll free at 1-877-727-7833 or email .