Nesting Mini Tub Containers

Want to deliver two empty containers on the same trip to increase your truck efficiency and customer service levels?

You can with our SCS Premium Mini Tub Nesting containers. Premium mini tub roll off containers are ideal for general waste, construction, roofing debris and yard wastes. These units are designed so you can load one container into another using your hook lift; then load the larger unit onto the truck and you are set to drop two empty containers without having to return to the yard.

This configuration also lowers initial shipping costs allowing you to lower overall acquisition costs. If your looking for containers for use in a heavy duty application, we also provide nesting options for our Premium Stud Walls, Stud Walls and Rock Boxes.

To learn more about our Nesting Roll Off Containers or get pricing, contact our sales department today at 1-877-727-7833.