Premium Mini Tub Roll Off Nanaimo

A newly manufactured Premium Mini Tub Container for DBL Disposal Services Ltd in Nanaimo, BC. Freshly painted in safety red, our Premium Mini Tubs have a large flat wall surface which provides an excellent canvas for your company branding. Our CWB certified welders and welding procedures eliminate breakdowns and reduce the overall life-cycle maintenance costs of your bin. Our standard features include formed floor and back posts as well as our exclusive HD drop forged door hinges.

Customize your bin to suit your needs, available options include:

  • 10 Guage Steel Upgrade – Increase the strength and durability of your bin with 10 gauge steel walls, front and door.
  • Add a Bin Roof or Lid – We offer a fixed roof or hydraulic lid with access hatches.
  • Dual Purpose Lift System – SCS Roll Off Bins can be fit for any size hook lift, cable pull or dual purpose systems.
  • Add Removable Dividers – Turn your bin into an onsite sorting station with removable dividers. Quickly and easily modify your bin to meet the job requirements.

Contact our sales department to learn more about our Premium Mini Tub Roll Off Containers.