Roll off Premium Mini Tub Victoria

To capture and store invasive species of plant life, the Capital Regional District (CRD) in Victoria chose this Premium Mini Tub. The mini tub was constructed with large 36 x 58 plastic lids, built into the fixed roof system, that is accessible from both sides of the container. This allows for people to easily access and dispose of invasive species of plants, found in some of the CRD park systems. The container is secured with lockable lids for after hours and while transporting the containers. The unit was painted in a Genie Grey colour, 12 long, 8 feet wide and just under 5 feet tall. It has over 12 Cubic yards of capacity.

We can add internal dividers to these units so you can segregate garbage, and recyclables if required. With the use of the retaining pins you can dump the segregated load in different areas.

If you have a need for segregated waste stream container or access to a container, without opening the large back door, call our sales department to find out how.