Shipping Stud Wall Hook Lift Bins

Did you know that we can ship multiple containers to your business on the same truck! Our dedicated logistics team can provide innovative shipping options to reduce the cost of freight, which will maximize your operating budget. This freshly painted load of 6 stud wall hook lift containers was loaded onto a flat deck trailer by stacking the bins inside one another. Depending on the style of container you choose and the number of bins you require, there are various ways to transport multiple bins on the same truck. Contact our sales department today to learn more.

Our stud wall roll off containers are designed with superior strength and durability in mind. Available in lengths from 12-20 feet and 12-44 cubic yard capacity, they are your ideal choice for large roll off containers. Designed to fit your fleet of trucks our bins are available in any under structure required, including cable roll off, hook lift, live roll or bale hook models.