Standard Stud Wall Roll Off Containers Vancouver Island

In the waste industry, people refer to containers by the volume of materials they can carry. The most common sizes are 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard containers. This standard Stud Wall 40 yard container is 20 feet in length with a 7 foot high (inside) wall height. These bins are the workhorse of the waste business, providing a large volume for wastes and when collected utilize the trucks full capacity, meaning less pickups to empty over the course of time.

This unit is set up for use with a Cable Pull System and features 10GA steel on the walls front and door to extend the life of the unit, providing better puncture resistance and corrosion resistance to the container. Painted in a Bright Terex Orange Colour, Longhorn Bins has a new addition to the fleet to service their customers in Victoria, BC.