Stud Wall Joma Environmental Containers

Joma Environmental provide professional Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal services for clients across Vancouver Island, as well as the Gulf Islands. As their business grows they have added some additional containers to the fleet for handling remediation wastes they handle.

These new 18 foot long 30 Cubic Yard containers are already in use cleaning up the environment. Our Stud Wall containers are the workhorse of the waste industry. These units came with inside and outside to dirt skirts to aid in dumping and to stop debris or material accumulating and falling off during transport. The 10 Ga up grade to the wall sheet triples the standard warranty from an industry standard one (1) year to our industry leading three (3) warranty on workmanship and materials.

If your in need of new containers as your business grows contact our sales department Toll Free at 1-877-727-7833 or email us at