Water Tight Rock Box Puget Sound

Rock Box containers are one of our strongest, most durable roll off containers. Designed for machine loading and transportation of heavy loads of rock, concrete rubble, sand, gravel, asphalt or other heavy debris. They are available in lengths from 10-24 feet with wall heights ranging from 18” up to 4 feet providing capacities of 5-27 cubic yard capacity. We manufacture these units to fit any hook lift system, cable pull system or even a dual purpose set up that can be used by both systems.

Boyer Electric Company has been serving the Puget Sound area for over 20 years. They were looking for a tough Rock box that would contain liquids while using it on site. By adding a rear sealed door upgrade we were able to accomplish this. Boyer was also looking to work the material in the box so we upgraded the walls front and door sheet to 3/16 plate to withstand the rigors of this process.

These containers have a number of different rear gate options to suit a multitude of different applications and can be customized with side boards, spreader chains and a cab guard to protect your truck.

For more information on our Rock Boxes please feel free to contact our sales department at sales@scsinc.ca or call toll free 1-877-727-7833.