What Does My Load Weigh?

Did you know? Your load weight will vary depending on the type of material you will be hauling. Each material type has a differentiating weight due to its density and rate of water absorption. For example a load of asphalt weights 2,700 LBS per cubic yard vs a load of loose branches weights 250 LBS per square yard. To ensure that you do not overload your truck, here is a quick chart that outlines the average weight of various types of construction and refuse materials.

Disclaimer: All of the weights listed below are an approximation as the material density can vary greatly in some cases. Please consult with your local highway regulations, truck manufacturers specifications and use a truck scale accordingly to ensure safe operation of your commercial vehicle.

Material TypeLBS / Cubic YardKG / Cubic Yard
Asphalt2,700 LBS1224.7 KG
Brush / Branches (loose)250 LBS113.4 KG
Brush / Branches (chipped – 3″ screen)600 LBS272.2 KG
Concrete (gravel or stone mix)4,050 LBS1,837.1 KG
Concrete (average wet mix)3,730 LBS1,691.9 KG
Clay (dry)2,300 LBS1,043.3 KG
Clay (wet)2,970 LBS1,347.2 KG
 Crushed Stone2,700 LBS1224.7 KG
 Earth (loose)2,050 LBS929.9 KG
 Earth (packed)2,565 LBS1,163.5 KG
 Earth (shaken)2,350 LBS1,065.9 KG
 Earth (moist)2,700 LBS1,224.7 KG
 Earth (wet)3,375 LBS1,530.9 KG
 Garbage (dry)400 LBS to 800 LBS181.4 KG to 362.9 KG
 Garbage (wet)1,240 LBS562.5 KG
 Grass Clippings (loose, green)350 LBS158.8 KG
Grass Clippings (compacted, green)650 LBS294.8 KG
 Gravel (dry)2,565 LBS1,163.5 KG
 Gravel (wet)3,375 LBS1,530.9 KG
 Iron (cast)12,150 LBS5,511.2 KG
 Iron (wrought)13,100 LBS5,942 KG
 Leaves (loose, dry)150 LBS68 KG
 Leaves(vacuumed, dry)400 LBS181.5 KG
 Leaves (wet or compacted)550 LBS249.5 KG
 Limestone (solid)4,480 LBS2,032.1 KG
 Limestone (crushed)2,565 LBS1,163.5 KG
 Paper (solid – average)1,565 LBS709.9 KG
 Plywood Sheets800 LBS362.9 KG
 Roofing Debris450 LBS to 750 LBS181.5 KG to 340.2 KG
 Sand (dry)2,750 LBS1,247.4 KG
 Sand (wet)3,300 LBS1,496.9 KG
 Snow (packed)1,350 LBS612.4 KG
 Steel (cast)13,250 LBS6,010.1 KG
 Steel (rolled)13,365 LBS6,062.3 KG
 Stone (crushed – average)2,700 LBS1,224.7 KG
 Street Sweeping Debris865 LBS392.4 KG
 Tires (shredded)950 LBS430.9 KG
 Tires (whole – auto & pickup)220 LBS99.8 KG
 Tires (whole – truck)480 LBS217.7 KG
 Water (fresh)1,700 LBS771.1 KG

Before you load your truck make sure to check your GVRW, the capacity of your lift system and local highway load restrictions. Please operate your roll off truck safely by adhering to all of the local provincial and state highway regulations.