12 foot Roll Off Premium Mini Tub Container Victoria

Gold Standard Founded by Kale Van Bruggen, a former National Team rower. Kale has made it his mission to support the Canadian National Rowing Team by hiring members of the team in Victoria BC. Gold Standard services several of the Gulf Islands surrounding Victoria so our Nesting Containers were a great fit for his business. Being able to deliver two empty units at the same time reduces ferry trips and cost for both the company and his customers and allows them to provide a greater level of service to their customer base.

Shown in the pictures are a 12 foot -15 cubic yard  Premium Mini Tub with an 11 foot-12 cubic yard nesting unit inside. Both units have wall heights of five feet. The nesting units are specifically designed a foot shorter in length and the width reduced to allow you to nest one inside the other using your hooklift truck. Both units are painted a high gloss black finish which look great against the gold coloured company decals applied.

We can custom fit most of our containers into a nesting set, these include Premium Mini Tubs, Stud Walls and Rock Boxes accommodating container lengths ranging from 12 feet all the way up to 24 feet in length.

For more information on our nesting containers please contact our sales department at sales@scsinc.ca or call Toll Free 1-877-727-7833.