Heavy Duty Nesting Rock Boxes Seattle

Harkness Construction was looking for a set of Heavy Duty Nesting Rock Boxes for use in the Seattle area. We designed two containers, one that was 20 feet in length and the other was 22 feet in length. The shorter container can be nested inside the longer one allowing them to transport two empty containers at a time. This helps to reduce trips for the truck and allowing for easier, more efficient dispatch of their fleet. Additionally, they took two 20 foot skids allowing them to use these as a base to construct other equipment applications in their business. The entire load was just over 22 feet to keep transport costs for delivery as low as possible.

The units were painted Terex Gray and set up for use with a 62” Swaploader hook lift system. These workhorse bins come with a standard ¼” thick steel floor with both floor cross members and vertical side studs both on 18” centers to provide longevity while hauling rocks, gravel, soil and concrete on a regular basis.