Continuous Chain Containers

Roll-off trucks are the most commonly operated vehicle in the waste industry. The two main lift systems used to pick up and deliver containers in North America are Hook Lift and Cable Pull style systems which we build containers for on a regular basis, however in the Pacific Northwest another type of system is used known as Continuous Chain.

Invented and built in Portland, Oregon during the mid-1950s by the Kuhnau family, it uses a chain operated by a gear drive with a bail hook on the end. While similar to a cable pull system the set up requires that the containers are manufactured in a specific set up to work with the system. Systems can carry a variety of lengths similar to cable pull systems.

We can adapt all of our Hook Lift Containers to work with these systems including Flat Decks, Rock boxes and Rectangular Roll-offs.

Shown in the picture is a 22 foot long Rectangular Roll-off container equipped with a two way rear gate and painted in a safety yellow color. In order to save on shipping the unit is stacked on a 22 foot flat deck that comes equipped with a fixed beavertail ramp, slotted headache rack, multiple D-Ring tie down points as requested by the customer and a combination deck of both T&G wood track and steel construction painted in a high gloss black epoxy finish.

Do you currently use a Continuous Chain system and are in need of containers or a flat deck? Contact our Sales department Toll Free at 1-877-727-7833 or email us at .