Quick Connect Bins

These unique containers continue to find new applications in industry. Originating from use in a mining application for hauling quarried rock these durable heavy duty build containers are to be used to capture drilling spoils for testing or movement around the site. The ability to have them attach to the equipment you already have on site make them a multitasking container that has seen use in containing and moving spill materials, capturing sandblast materials, hauling mining materials of all sorts and even used for waste management applications in remote locations. Having the containers set up for moving around site using existing equipment eliminate an additional piece of equipment to move them around full or empty.

The addition of the engineered lifting lugs allows for use in excavation areas where a crane is required. This particular size is rated for a 12,000 Lb lift handling up to 5 cubic yards of material at a time. Other sizes range from 2.5 cubic yards up to 8 yard capacity.

These units were set up for use with the Cat Fusion connection system and can be modified to work with just about any loader or other equipment.

For further information or pricing on these Quick Connect Bins please contact our sales department at 1-877-727-7833 or email sales@scsinc.ca