Custom Roll Off Container Designs

At SCS not only do we produce standard design roll off containers, we also specialize in custom roll off designs to meet our customers needs. Our fully staffed engineering/design team can modify Roll Off Containers, Flat Decks, Crane Skips and many other metal fabricated products. All of our custom products are designed to meet specific customer needs, while ensuring safety and the robust build quality you have come to expect from SCS.

In this case our customer wanted a recessed A-Frame to allow for a extra space for larger wood material they wanted to transport in the container. The roll off capacity was extended so that in their container was built around the A-Frame. Our design team prepared drawings for the customer to review to ensure the design was correct prior to construction and this was the result.

If you have any custom requirements you would like to see adapted for use with a roll off container (dividers, sealed units, multiple door designs in one, gravel chutes or your own custom design) please contact our Sales department at 1-877-727-7833