HD Crane Rock Box

While planning a high rise demolition and rebuild project in Vancouver BC. Traditional Contracting asked SCS for a solution that would help expedite the removal of debris throughout their project. We recommended our Heavy Duty Rock Boxes which are set up for overhead lifting with a crane. Our client required a heavy duty container that would handle concrete, rebar, rubble and other demolition wastes.

The HD Rock Boxes were lifted with a crane into the construction area, filled with debris and then lowered to the street. After the Rock Box is lowered to the street a roll off truck can easily pick it up and haul away the debris to a proper disposal or recycling facility.

Having several of these units allows the contractor to rotate in the empty boxes as they remove the full boxes. Having this workflow helps keep the job moving without delays. Our crane-able products are fully engineered with Magnetic Particle Testing available, which means they are ready to use upon delivery. All of our crane-able units come with standard WCB/OSHA applicable markings and engineering plates/certification.

If your looking for a Heavy Duty container with or without crane lifting capabilities or any other specialty container please contact our sales department at 1-877-727-7833