Flat Deck with Recessed D-Rings Vancouver

At SCS Manufacturing one of our most popular products is our roll off flat decks. These units come in lengths of 8 to 26 feet in length. They can be finished with either tongue and groove fir decking like the one pictured or with checker plate steel depending on your preference.

SCS incorporates the use of Junior I beam in its design to create an excellent strength to weight ratio. The SCS design team uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to provide our clients with appropriate load ratings for each of our flat deck models and have been flex modelled on the computer to handle just about any load.

Our decks come standard with stake pockets integrated into the side rub rails and you choice of 3 heights for the headache rack (3, 4 or 5 feet) to fit your truck.

Flat decks have numerous options available to suit your requirements. Low profile winch system that allows you to slide the winches so you can strap any cargo on any area of the deck you need. Winch mounts set up so you can winch items onto the deck, D-Rings installed either recessed or welded to the frame, lumber rollers for easy offload of lumber deliveries, fixed beavertail ramp for running excavators, vehicles etc. on to the deck, fold down adjustable width ramps, chain hangers and trays just to name a few.

Want to build a deck specific to your requirements? Contact our sales department at sales@scsinc.ca or call our office toll free at 1-877-727-7833.