Premium 10 Yard Mini Tubs Seattle

Junk Pros were looking to add smaller containers to their fleet for both small jobs and apartment clean outs, that don’t require a larger bin or don’t have the space for a larger bin. This allows them to better service the customer base. Our Premium Mini Tubs with a 10 yard capacity were the perfect size for these applications. We were also able to arrange for the containers to be decaled prior to shipping to Seattle, so the customer could put them to work as soon as they were delivered.

Our Premium Mini tubs come in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 yards that are 10 feet in length with a 2 foot high wall all the way up to 27 yards that are 16 foot length with a 6 foot high wall. We also have nesting sets of these containers allowing you to deliver two empty bins at the same time, without returning to base, improving transport efficiencies.

These containers are ideal for the junk removal business and any light to medium duty applications, such as construction waste, yard waste, clean ups etc. Contact our sales department at or call toll free 1-877-727-7833 for more information and pricing.