Hook Lift Systems

One of the many reasons customers choose to switch to a hook lift system is that it allows for a great deal of flexibility with the different bodies that you can use with the hook lift system. Both landscapers and home builders due to the variety of tasks they encounter during their everyday business activities are considering switching or have switched to a hook lift set up and replacing several existing fixed body vehicles with one system that can do it all. In the home building business, one day you may need a flat deck to deliver lumber or drywall to site while the next a gravel box to bring in road materials or landscaping rock and then later that afternoon you need a bin to clean up the demolition materials from a renovation project at another location. Having the flexibility of a properly equipped hook lift with the proper containers allows you to do all of this utilizing the same truck. This leads to higher utilization rates for your equipment, lower overall costs as you have one truck instead of three different fixed body unit with additional savings through insurance, maintenance and depreciation of equipment.

V.I. Camelot Homes was looking to replace several of their company work vehicles and consolidate them into a user friendly system that would meet the flexibility demands of their business. By setting up their truck with a new Ampliroll hook lift adding a flat deck, gravel box and debris container, they now have a system that can easily adapt to the needs of their business and were able to reduce the size of their fleet in the process.

Shown in the picture below is a dressed up Rock Box used for hauling gravel, sand and soil for their various builds on Vancouver Island. The added cab guard, side boards and two way swing gate allow them to load a small excavator inside and secure with the D-Rings installed on the inside of the container and haul it to site for excavation work. The two way swing gate also allows for it to operate in a dump style mode and comes with spreader chains for use when needed. Additionally, a 16 foot flat deck with welded D-Rings to secure or chain down equipment, a sliding winch system for proper cargo securement of just about any load, added tool racks to carry shovels, brooms etc.

Finishing colours were chosen to match V.I. Camelot’s company branding to complete the package which included a refuse container, flat deck and rock box so they are ready to take on any job that comes their way.

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