Premium Stud Wall Roll Off Containers

Many of our customers return to purchase further containers due to the quality, fit and finish and the overall toughness of our containers. Before purchasing, our sales representatives will take the time to discuss your intended use of the containers and make recommendations to customers to help extend the life of their containers based on the application they are planning for them.

With these 2-40 yard containers recently delivered, our customer that works in the pipeline industry wanted containers for use off-road and handling a lot of materials that were to be machine loaded over the side. When loading a bin with an excavator, the chances of contacting the top rails of the container increase, so we recommended larger, thicker top rails to protect the top rails from contact by the excavator while loading. Also, while loading using an excavator the materials placed in the bin can be dropped from height upwards of 10-12 feet impacting the floor with greater force which can damage or bow out the floor sheet through this process. We upgraded the floor sheet to ¼” to prevent this wear and tear over time. To top it off, the rear door is designed for this heavy duty application is also built from heavier tube steel and additional drop forged grease-able hinges are added to withstand the bouncing up and down the door will see from being used in an off-road application. Additionally we can upgrade the wall sheet thickness making the container even tougher for applications such as scrap steel containers to resist punctures and creases forming in the walls and provide greater rigidity for heavy loads.

These small upgrades will extend the life of the container, lead to fewer repairs and downtime for your equipment allowing you get the job done.

Speak with our Sales Representatives toll free at 1-877-727-7833 or email to discuss how we can build the right container for the job for your company.