What is a Hook Lift Truck?

A hook lift truck is a heavy duty truck that is fitted with a hydraulic hook lift hoist system. The hydraulic hook lift hoist system allows haulers to quickly change various types of roll off containers. Roll off container types could include Stud Walls, Mini Tubs, Flat Decks, Dump Bodies & Rock Boxes. Hook lift trucks are used for the transportation of materials in the waste, recycling, construction, forestry, mining, scrap and demolition industries.

The hook lift system consists of a series of hydraulic rams to hook, lift and hoist the roll off container onto the truck chassis. There are various locking mechanisms available which ensure that the hook lift container is safely secured on the truck during transit. The locking mechanisms vary depending on the type of truck, hook lift system and container being used, to find the correct set up for your truck contact Steel Container Systems today.

Advantages of a Hook Lift Truck

  • One truck can haul multiple types of trailers and containers. This can reduce a businesses overall costs by reducing the required fleet size.
  • Roll off containers provide ground level loading and unloading of materials.
  • Hook lift trucks can easily position containers when dropping them off.
  • Hook lift trucks have the ability to get in and out of tight spaces.
  • Hook lift containers can be exchanged quickly, a container can be lifted or dropped in approximately 90 seconds.
  • Hook lift trucks do not require cables which wear over time.
  • A driver can complete a pick up or drop off within the cab of their truck.

Disadvantages of a Hook Lift Truck

  • When picking up on uneven ground the container may be difficult to pickup or drop off.
  • Load handing stability can be compromised when dumping at the maximum dump angle.

Popular branded hook lift systems in North America include Swap Loader, Ampliroll, Stellar, MultiLift & Palfinger.