Sealed Containers Vancouver Island

K’ENES Transport were looking for a container they could utilize to offload materials from a Hydrovac on site. We designed the container to a specific height requirement along with a sealed rear door to keep liquids contained. The custom height was dictated by the dumping height of the Hydrovac units they use. Once dumped into the bin it allows for some gravity separation of liquids and solids, allowing for less trips to offload the Hydrovac and to move solids with a hook lift truck once the water is decanted. The containers can also be used to hold materials while testing is done to confirm the proper disposal avenue for the materials.

Our sealed containers are used in many different liquid/solid applications including waste water treatment, food waste containers and any other application where liquids exist and you do not want them escaping to the environment. Additionally, we can provide an epoxy coating to the inside of the container if required when dealing with corrosive materials or those that degrade steel quickly to provide a longer life cycle for the units. Through consultation we can customize most of our containers for your specific applications.

These units were painted in K’ENES red which was matched to their company colours.

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