Specialty Sediment Containers

These specialty containers were recently built and shipped to Washington State for American Bridge. They are going to be used on the US 520 freeway construction bridge, connecting Seattle to the East side region of King County via the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge on/over Lake Washington. These specialty designed units were engineered to carry spoils from a drilling operation on the bridge footing constructions, to allow the new highway to cross the lake.

We had originally built this style of container for the customer back in 2015 and 2016. This time around they needed more specific modifications to the specialty containers. Back in 2015 we were asked to design the units to be lifted by the site crane – while empty – to an approximate lift rating of only 15,000 lbs. This time they needed the units to be able to be lifted – while full of spoil materials – up to 150,000 lbs. Increasing the engineered lift capacity of the containers ten fold meant we had to call on our design team of engineers. The team completed a full analysis including deflection models to ensure the design was up to the task. A visual representation of this analysis and the flex was done to ensure the container would meet the requirement and provide a safe and tested option for this application.

Once the engineering was complete, the unit was built to specification. The unit was further tested using Magnetic Particle testing procedures to ensure all of the welds, where critical loads were applied, were free from cracks and in good order. Additional testing to approximately 10% of the other welds on the container were completed to ensure a high quality product was delivered to the customer.

Having the ability to design unique items for our customers is one of the strengths of our company. Our in house design/engineering team can help design engineered lift equipment for just about any application. Recently we have designed some of our regular roll off products for use in crane applicable situations including a Rock Box and a flat deck .

Have a special project or required engineered lifting equipment? Contact our Sales department sales@scsinc.ca